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October 31, 2015

Contact: Chesley Edmunds

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Disruptor Fund Launches Huge GOTV Blitz for Hottest Races in VA

Pete Snyder’s Fund Invests $75,000 to Contact 100,000 Voters in Final Days


Alexandria, VA —Pete Snyder, the Chairman of Disruptor Fund, a conservative Virginia Political Action Committee, today announced a massive grassroots initiative aimed at grassroots voter contact in the final days of the 2015 election cycle. The goal of the final push is getting Republican candidates in the most contested races in the Commonwealth across the finish line. Disruptor Fund will be pouring $75,000 into races throughout Virginia in order to fuel their Get Out The Vote (GOTV) operations during the closing days of the 2015 elections.


“Our airwaves are being bombarded with negative ads fueled by political consultants and outside special interests,” said Snyder. “But we know the best way to get our voters to the polls is through person-to-person voter contact. Voters tune these negative ads out, and a vast amount of money is wasted in these last days, hitting people who can’t even vote for or against the targeted candidate,” said the Fairfax-based technology entrepreneur. “That’s why nothing beats good old-fashioned door-to-door, neighbor-to-neighbor, grassroots voter contact.”

“Our Republican Majority in the Virginia Senate is on the line, and Disruptor Fund is all in for the top races and for expanding the playing field to focus on some of our most exciting candidates who haven’t received as much attention,” Snyder continued. “We are harnessing the power of some of the best grassroots activists in the Commonwealth and aim to knock on more than 100,000 doors, taking our candidates’ message of fiscal responsibility, education reform and economic growth directly to the front porches of our fellow Virginians.”


Luisa Guerra, campaign manager for Hal Parrish in Virginia’s 29th Senate District, remarked, “Hal’s campaign continues to move in a positive direction, raising energy and enthusiasm for Hal through meaningful conversations in the community about his service and record of working for the people of the 29th District. We are proud to have the support of business leaders like Pete Snyder and grassroots organizations like Disruptor Fund to get out Hal’s message of economic growth in the days leading up to Election Day,” Guerra continued.


Snyder, a Fairfax resident, is also making a big play in his home county, targeting several Board of Supervisors races and the Fairfax County School Board: “Fairfax County’s policies have simply been bad for business. As an entrepreneur, I know it’s time for a management change and some fiscally responsible new blood on the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors. Jennifer Chronis, Jane Gandee, and John Guevara are all exceptional candidates who will take the county in the right direction.”


Disruptor Fund Grassroots Targets:


Virginia Senate

Dick Black

Nancy Dye

Joe Murray

Richard Ottinger

Hal Parrish

Glen Sturtevant


House of Delegates

Lara Overy

Craig Parisot

Danny Vargas

Joseph Yost


Fairfax County Board of Supervisors

Jennifer Chronis

Jane Gandee

John Guevara


Fairfax County School Board GOP Candidates