It truly is – as the saying goes – the most wonderful time of the year.

Christmas is under a week away, a fresh new year full of promise and tons of opportunity is just a few more days away, and despite any stress of the season – now is when the magic really starts to kick in!

There’s been a lot of big news and a ton of chatter in Virginia politics in recent days, so I wanted to share with you my immediate plans and some very exciting news.

It’s both an honor and a privilege to announce that I’ve been asked to join the Fox News team as a contributor for both The Fox News Channel and Fox Business. While I’ve been active in the conservative movement for decades and am just coming off my own statewide run, by trade I’m an entrepreneur — so I’m particularly excited that I will be able to provide insight and analysis to our viewers on two of my biggest passions in life – business and public policy.

This is a critical time for our nation and for our economy and I look forward to helping Fox News lead the way in providing millions of viewers with a fair and balanced handle on the complicated issues facing our state, our nation and our world.

That said, those of you who know me well, know that I’m not a “take my ball and go home” kind of guy. I hope that through actions not words, I’ve proven that. And I will continue to do so by dedicating time, resources and tons of energy to help expand and grow the grassroots of our party and to re-ignite the intellectual firepower of our movement.

Ours cannot be the party of empty rhetoric — we do best, we expand and we win when we bring bold, conservative policy ideas to the table to solve problems in our communities across the Commonwealth and the nation.

I remain grateful to everyone who supported our campaign for Lt. Governor this year. I loved every second of campaigning, and I hope it showed. Obviously, so many of us who worked so hard would have liked better results for our entire ticket – but sometimes despite hard work and the best intentions the breaks don’t always go our way.

Looking ahead, I think we all know we have a ton of work to do for our conservative movement, for the Republican Party and, most importantly for our Commonwealth and for our country. It won’t be easy, but as every day passes, I am more and more optimistic about our chances of getting things going in the right direction!

While I’ll be on the airwaves at Fox News pushing for our positive, optimistic vision for the future, I also will continue to work in the grassroots along side each and every one of you. Be on the lookout for me – and maybe even The Pig Rig – on the tube, online or at a unit meeting, rally or BBQ near you in 2014! Send us a note — The Rig and I would be happy to come on out your way for a visit if we can help the cause or lend a hand. I mean it.

Lastly, on my Christmas wish list, an exciting and unifying year for our party as we pull off a two-fer and win back both the Virginia and the U.S. Senate! I continue to believe that if we bring ideas to the table and do the hard work needed we can and will have a very bright future for our cause and our Commonwealth.

Look forward to seeing you soon + Merry Christmas!

Pete Snyder