No, I’m not referring to a so bad it’s good 90’s power ballad (but you can blame me if it gets stuck in your head). I’m talking about what is needed in the closing days of this election.

I heard a lot in my travels across the Commonwealth over the past few years – hope for a better tomorrow, angst about what is going on in Washington, anger about an ever expanding federal government, disgust about the lies and negativity of the opposition, deep concern about shrinking civil liberties – and the list goes on and on.

Rightly so, folks have a lot on their minds and even more opinions on “what to do.” That is fine. Dialogue is good. It’s healthy. It’s necessary. But right now words won’t fix a single thing.

Now and over the next FIVE days, the only thing that matters is ACTION.

If you believe your voice matters more than whatever the near-bankrupt Washington Post has to say. . .

If you believe that Barack Obama deceived the entire country about Obamacare and you want to elect leaders who will fight for your Constitutional rights. . .

If you believe that Virginia needs strong, principled leadership. . .

If you believe that a message of liberty, hope, and opportunity for all should triumph over distortions, cynicism and negativity. . .

Now is the time to show it. Now is the time to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

I hate passive email blasts (and yes, I know I’ve sent a few… dozen… in my day) that just spit out words and rhetoric. This one is different. And that is why I want you to take action right now.

Email me back (just respond) and PLEDGE that you will vote next Tuesday on Election Day.

Please tell me exactly where and when (estimate the time of day you plan on going to vote — trust me, if you don’t make this “appointment-worthy action” the day has a funny way of just getting away from you).

Pledge now that you will vote and that you will fight for our ENTIRE Republican ticket.

Email me right back and forward this Election Day Pledge to your friends and family too. Then make this more than words, and on Election Day — TAKE ACTION and DO IT.

Together, We Can Win This!!