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Front Page March 18, 2015

RPV Chairman John Whitbeck Names Technology Entrepreneur Pete Snyder as Finance Committee Chairman

Republican Party of Virginia Chairman John Whitbeck announced this past weekend at the State Central Committee quarterly meeting that Pete Snyder, a successful technology entrepreneur and former candidate for Lt. Governor, has agreed to serve RPV as their Finance Chairman.

Whitbeck noted, “Every corner of the Republican Party supports Pete Snyder in this role, from the grassroots to the business community.  Everyone in our party knows Pete and we all know that he’s not afraid to take on challenging tasks and doesn’t shy away from hard work.  I am thrilled that we will have Pete’s leadership, financial prowess and operational know-how to help us build a better, stronger party.” Read More

Front Page February 14, 2014

True Romance

Remember when we met in the personals last year? Or perhaps it was at your local unit meeting by the cubed cheese platter.

You were shopping around a bit. And I guess I was looking for something a little more “long term.”

I tried to be upfront about it. I even told you I didn’t mind playing second fiddle. In fact, that was the job I was applying for.

And I wrote, I called, I emailed and texted. I even cooked for you and, on Valentine’s Day, I sent chocolates. Read More

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