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Front Page May 18, 2013

Del. Scott Lingamfelter endorses Pete Snyder

Delegate Scott Lingamfelter has announced that he supports the candidacy of Pete Snyder for Lt. Governor of Virginia. Del. Lingamfelter released the following statement:

Dear Friends, Running for Lt. Governor over this past year has been a remarkable personal experience having met countless patriotic Virginians. I am eternally grateful for the support of my staff, volunteers, and thousands of great conservative supporters across the Commonwealth. 2013 is a vital year for us in the Commonwealth and we must nominate a Lt. Governor who can help bring our ticket to victory. Jobs and the economy are the number one issue that face the Commonwealth. Pete Snyder has been a job creator and successful businessman who will prove to be an able partner to Ken Cuccinelli in focusing Virginia on economic growth and prosperity. For that reason, I endorse Pete Snyder for Lt Governor and wish him and Burson my very best wishes in the campaign months ahead.

On to Victory,

L. Scott Lingamfelter

Front Page May 16, 2013

Keep in touch with Pete ’13 texts

The convention is almost here, our team is ready, and we are looking forward to seeing thousands of Virginia Republican delegates.

To keep in touch with Pete ’13 via text message throughout the RPV Convention, just text Pete to 21824.

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