On the heels of his string of conservative grassroots endorsements and a strong start to the campaign, Virginia entrepreneur and Lt. Governor candidate Pete Snyder today launched a new radio spot, the first ad of 2013 in Virginia.

As the Virginian-Pilot reports:

Snyder Wednesday launched a radio ad touting his business record and conservative credentials, including his endorsement by retired Marine officer Oliver North. The “Outsider” ad is to air on conservative talk radio stations across Virginia. Its release comes one day after Snyder reported raising $452,739 in campaign cash for the period ending Dec. 31. His bank balance as of that date was $408,332.

“In addition to being a strong conservative who stands up for our values every day, Pete Snyder is the only Lt. Governor candidate with a proven record of creating jobs right here in Virginia,” said Snyder spokesman Chris Bond. “Pete’s a tech executive who built his own company, created hundreds of jobs, and helped launch a whole industry right here in Virginia — not a career politician looking for the next rung. Folks understand that Pete is a different kind of leader, an outsider and a breath of fresh air who can help grow our party and really shake things up in Richmond.”

Read more about Pete’s ad in the Virginian-Pilot and the Washington Post.

Outsider,” Pete Snyder for Lt. Gov., Radio, 60 Seconds:

Sally: Hey, hon’. We’re deep in January. Time to…

Harry: Time to… take down the tree…

Sally: Time to get ready for another election.Harry: Ugh… I haven’t recovered from the last one yet.

Sally: It could be different this time. Have you heard of Pete Snyder?Harry: Tech businessman, right? Created a ton of jobs here?

Sally: Right. No surprise, Snyder’s a conservative Republican. But it says here Snyder is running for Lieutenant Governor.Harry: Why would a successful business leader do that? He’s never been a politician.

Sally: Exactly. It sounds like Snyder is as fed up with politics as we are… wants to shake things up in Richmond.Harry: Hmmm… We could use some people who’ve actually created real jobs. That’s Pete Snyder. You sure he’s a conservative?

Sally: Twenty years of service to the cause. That’s why Ollie North backs him.Harry: Well, if we’re gonna beat the liberals here, an outsider’s gotta do it. Pete Snyder… We might enjoy this election year after all.

Sally: But you still need to take down the tree.Harry: Yeah, yeah… I know.

V/O: Pete Snyder. Conservative Republican for Lieutenant Governor. Learn more at PeteSnyder.com.V/O: Paid for and authorized by Pete Snyder for Lieutenant Governor.