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November 15, 2015

Contact: Chesley Edmunds

(703) 659-1100

Pete Snyder Calls on Governor McAuliffe to Suspend Syrian Refugee Migration Into Virginia

Alexandria, VA—In the wake of the terrorist attacks in Paris and today’s terrorist threat against Washington, D.C., Virginia entrepreneur Pete Snyder issued the following statement:

“This weekend, millions of Virginians turned their eyes and hearts towards Paris as they watched in horror footage of the murderous attacks by radical Islamists followed closely by sickening boasts claiming responsibility for the killing sprees. French authorities believe that a Syrian ‘refugee’ appears to have been an active participant in the attacks. This morning DAESH informed the world that their next target would be in our own homeland – in fact on our front door — in Washington, DC.

“That is why today I call on Governor McAuliffe to demand that President Obama halt any efforts to allow Syrian refugees into the Commonwealth of Virginia. We cannot willingly allow what happened in France to happen here at home.

“Virginia was founded and created by immigrants. So many of our ancestors came here seeking new opportunities, as well as escaping political and religious oppression, to create new lives for themselves. Orderly and legal immigration is one of our nation’s greatest strengths and one of the driving forces of Virginia’s economy. And it should and will remain so.

“But in the wake of these latest threats from radical Islamists and DAESH aimed at our region, we simply cannot afford to put the safety and security of Virginians at risk. I ask all Virginians to demand that Governor Terry McAuliffe tell President Obama to suspend the flow of Syrian refugees into Virginia until we can be confident that the proper security measures are in place. It is both prudent and reasonable to halt the flow of these refugees until our leaders can effectively guarantee against threats to not only the citizens of our Commonwealth, but the entire country.”


Contact: Chesley Edmunds | | (703) 659-1100