One week after launching the first campaign ad of 2013 in Virginia, technology entrepreneur and conservative Lieutenant Governor candidate Pete Snyder today launched a new radio spot on conservative talk radio throughout the Commonwealth. The ad takes Virginia Senate Democrat Leader Dick Saslaw to task for his harmful, hypocritical decision to put insider politics ahead of results when he declared he would block any efforts to address Virginia’s transportation challenges.

As the Washington Post reports:

Titled “The Stakes,” the ad will air on conservative radio across Virginia, Snyder’s campaign said Wednesday…“Transportation is no longer alive,” Saslaw was quoted in some news reports. “It is gone … dead.” Snyder, a businessman and former Fox commentator, does not support McDonnell’s plan, which scraps the gas tax but raises the sales tax and certain fees. He also agrees with Republicans, including McDonnell, who say that redistricting shouldn’t be the General Assembly’s top priority this year. But Snyder says that Saslaw and other Democrats are out of line if they hold up work on transportation as payback for redistricting.

Click Here to Listen to Pete’s New Ad, “The Stakes.”

Ironically, while the Washington Post reports that “Saslaw said he is unfazed by the ad,” he is quoted in the very same article calling Snyder “some nut job” before doubling down on his decision to place his own narrow, partisan agenda ahead of the best interests of Virginians. Snyder, who has created hundreds of Virginia jobs, responded that “Virginia voters don’t want career politicians hijacking progress on transportation over petty politics. Dick Saslaw is out of touch and dead wrong on this issue.”

Snyder first condemned Saslaw’s inexcusable behavior during a statewide radio interview earlier this week, calling it “pathetic.”

“If you want to know why Virginians are so fed up with politics as usual, look no further than liberal career politician Dick Saslaw’s decision to put petty political games ahead of Virginia’s best interests—and then double down on that selfish choice when called to account,” said Snyder spokesman Chris Bond. “The Dick Saslaws of the world may think it’s acceptable to hold Virginians hostage to their own narrow, partisan game-playing, but the rest of us know better.”

Bond continued: “Pete’s different. He’s an entrepreneur and a job-creator, an outsider to the process—not a career politician—and he’s going to shake things up in Richmond. It’s time to end the reign of career politicians by electing new leaders who will produce real results—and Pete Snyder is the best guy to get the job done as Lieutenant Governor.”

“The Stakes,” Pete Snyder for Lt. Gov., Radio, 60 Seconds:

V/O: Higher debt ceilings. Higher taxes. More Government Spending. And even more traffic on our roads.

The stakes are getting higher for us. But the politics in Washington and Richmond are getting smaller and more petty.

Did you hear the latest?

Liberal career politician Dick Saslaw—the Virginia Senate Democrat Leader—says any hope of solving Virginia’s transportation problems is dead on arrival.

He won’t even try.


Because Dick Saslaw puts insider politics over solving our transportation problems.

That’s not just wrong—it’s pathetic.

Saslaw and the Democrats should be ashamed.

No wonder people are sick and tired of career politicians and politics-as-usual.

It’s time for a change. And outsider, technology entrepreneur Pete Snyder is just the guy to get the job done.

Pete Snyder is a job creator. An innovator. A conservative problem-solver.

Pete Snyder for Lieutenant Governor.

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