Republican Party of Virginia Chairman John Whitbeck announced this past weekend at the State Central Committee quarterly meeting that Pete Snyder, a successful technology entrepreneur and former candidate for Lt. Governor, has agreed to serve RPV as their Finance Chairman.

Whitbeck noted, “Every corner of the Republican Party supports Pete Snyder in this role, from the grassroots to the business community.  Everyone in our party knows Pete and we all know that he’s not afraid to take on challenging tasks and doesn’t shy away from hard work.  I am thrilled that we will have Pete’s leadership, financial prowess and operational know-how to help us build a better, stronger party.”

Snyder, CEO of Alexandria-based Disruptor Capital stated, “Times have changed and the Republican Party of Virginia is in need of a new business model. I look forward to working closely with Chairman Whitbeck, elected officials and grassroots activists across the Commonwealth to kick-start a new chapter in the history of our Party and our cause, and get us back on a winning streak.”

Snyder plans on serving in the role until the end of the year and is committed to fostering a farm-team of new talent to help guide the party’s long-term financial stability and independence.  

Snyder added, “For the past two years, we lost two high profile, yet very winnable races by razor thin margins.  Our candidates shocked the entire country with their performance, but we all know that if our party was stronger, on better financial footing and united in our focus of beating Democrats, that just might have made up the difference. By focusing on the future and working together we can win in 2015, 2016 and without a doubt 2017.”

RPV will be unveiling a number of new programs and campaigns in the run up to the these critical elections.   


Release from the Republican Party of Virginia.