Wouldn’t that be an amazing Washington Post headline to read tomorrow?

Well, if that sounds good to you, we can make it happen right now!

Two of the most recent elections right here in Virginia have resulted in a recount – the outcomes decided by just a handful of votes.

On this snowy Election Day with schools closed and the federal government shuttered for the day, rather than braving the elements many folks might make the decision just to stay home.

That’s why if you live in the 33rd Senate district it’s more important than ever that you get out there and vote today.

And tell you what, if you don’t feel comfortable getting behind the wheel in this weather or you just need a ride to the polls, I’ve got the Jeep fired up and nice and toasty warm — and I’ll take you to the polls myself.

Just tweet at me: @petesnyder or email me back right here and we’ll come right out and get you!

Polls are open ’til 7pm – and we need to deliver EVERY VOTE we can for John and for our cause.

Together, we can make the difference.

For those of you who live outside of the 33rd, but want to revv up that 4 -wheel drive of yours and join our “Winter Warriors for Whitbeck” caravan, we’d love your help.

Or if you are in lock-down mode for the day, I’m betting your wifi works just fine, please click here and help pitch in for today’s final GOTV push. Every dollar, every ride and every vote truly does count.

It’s all in our hands. Let’s win this one!

Pete Snyder