Small Business Champion and Political Outsider Pete Snyder Running for Governor of Virginia

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA – Small Business Champion and conservative political outsider Pete Snyder announced today he is running for Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Snyder said, “My entire career has been about building businesses, creating new industries, and disrupting the status quo. Virginia is in the middle of the worst crisis we’ve faced in over 100 years, and quite simply, our leaders have failed us. Our schools are closed; small businesses are fighting for their lives and our streets and neighborhoods are less safe. I’m running for Governor because we can’t expect the career politicians in Richmond and power-hungry political retreads to pull us out of this mess. I have the real world experience to get us back on our feet and help Virginia lead again.”

Virginia is on the brink of its worst economic downturn since World War II and ranks rock bottom at 50 out of 50 for vaccine distribution in America. Virginia’s largest county reported that failing grades have increased 83 percent with school closed for in-person learning. And violent crime is on the rise in the Commonwealth.

Snyder continued, “We’ve had eight years of Northam-McAuliffe rule.  Their Failed Record: An economy in shambles, empty classrooms with no end in sight, and soaring crime rates across our major cities and our communities. It’s been a complete and utter failure.  Virginia simply can’t afford another four years of their misguided priorities and failed leadership.

“I am an innovator and a problem solver with a track record of success to back it up.  Strong leadership is about setting the right priorities. Instead of focusing on saving the backbone of our economy — small business, educating our children and keeping our streets safe, the extremists in charge in Richmond have focused on small business killing mandates, softening sentencing on violent criminals while defunding and disrespecting our law enforcement heroes, and raising taxes on Virginia families – all in the middle of a pandemic.  It’s clear our leaders are out of touch with reality.”

Studies show that students are falling behind; in fact, failing grades have soared as much as fifty percent in some counties where schools remain closed, many with no end in sight.  Snyder is committed to following the science and the data and immediately reopening Virginia’s schools.

Snyder concluded, “Over the past year career politicians wasted time and spent millions of dollars renaming our schools but have failed to come up with a plan to actually open our schools and ensure our children receive the education they deserve. As governor, I will make sure our schools are opened immediately, so teachers can do the job they love back in the classroom.”

Snyder also released a video announcing his run.

You can watch the video here:

Transcript: “A once-in-a-century crisis has brought out some of the best of Virginia.

The courage of front-line workers and first responders, the strength of our small business heroes, the ingenuity of all parents, but we’ve also seen the worst from the career politicians and insiders in Richmond.

Those in charge put special interests first while our children are falling behind, and they passed massive tax increases that hit us right in the middle of a pandemic. Your family deserves better. We all deserve better.

I’m Pete Snyder. I’m a job creator and an entrepreneur. I’m running for Governor because I believe we need change, and it’s time Virginia leads again.

My career has been about building businesses, creating new industries, making dreams become reality, all while disrupting the status quo.

We’ve had eight years of failed leadership by Northam, McAuliffe and the rest of the career politicians.

It’s clear we need change. Virginia needs to lead again, and I will lead the way.

VO: Pete Snyder for Governor. Innovator. Disruptor. Problem Solver.”


Pete Snyder announced his candidacy for Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia in January 2021. Pete is a small business champion and conservative political outsider committed to exposing the systemic incompetence in Richmond and disrupting the status quo.  Pete is a small business owner, an innovator, and a problem solver.  A true pioneer, Pete started his first company, New Media Strategies, the first social media marketing company in the country, when he was 26 years old. Over the years, as an angel capital investor and CEO of Disruptor Capital, Pete has helped found and grow many small businesses in Virginia and across the country.

When those in charge in Richmond failed to lead us during this pandemic, Pete and his wife Burson stepped up.  Together and with the help of friends and neighbors the Snyders created the Virginia 30 Day Fund, a zero-overhead, non-profit organization that has helped save more than 1,000 small businesses across Virginia and more than 2,500 small businesses across America. Their 30 Day Fund efforts have raised more than $40 million to date, and every single dime of that goes to help keep hard working heroes afloat and their small business dreams alive.  This is the very kind of new leadership, new energy and innovative thinking Pete will bring to Richmond to restore common sense and get Virginia leading again.

Pete, who has been a World Championship level certified BBQ judge (which the Washington Post’s Politifact rated as “100% True”), is the proud owner of Pete’s Pig Rig, the most infamous BBQ smoker in the Commonwealth. Pete, his wife Burson, his six-year-old daughter Bee, and their puppies Willie and Waylon live in Charlottesville, Virginia.