Pete Snyder for Governor Announces Second Amendment Champion and Conservative Icon Lt. Col. Oliver North’s Endorsement

Charlottesville, VA – Conservative outsider and Republican candidate for governor of Virginia Pete Snyder announced today an endorsement from former NRA president and decorated veteran Oliver North.

“Virginia’s next governor needs to open our schools, open our economy, open our houses of worship, protect the sanctity of life, and vigorously defend our second amendment,” said Oliver North. “Pete Snyder is a true conservative and a proven job-creator. He will bring integrity to our elections, restore opportunity for small businesses, and be an ally for our law officers and veterans. I’ve worked with Pete, side by side in our conservative movement, for nearly 30 years. He’s no stranger to our fight and our values. I believe in Pete Snyder. He has my endorsement, and he will have my vote on May 8th and November 2nd.”

Snyder said, “I’m humbled to have the endorsement of a true conservative icon and Second Amendment champion, Oliver North. Ollie’s been on the frontlines of our fight for nearly my entire lifetime. From taking on Communists on our front doorstep to his fearless leadership for our second amendment rights to speaking out against the extremist policies of the liberal left, his contributions to this country are unparalleled. Over the years, Ollie and I have become dear friends, and we are both fellow conservative disruptors. With his help, encouragement and grassroots firepower, we are going to win the nomination on May 8th and bring real conservative change to Richmond.”

With his endorsement, Lt. Col. North joins an expansive list of other strong, conservative leaders. You can find more of Pete’s many conservative and grassroots endorsements here.


Pete Snyder announced his candidacy for Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia in January 2021. Pete is a small business champion and conservative outsider committed to exposing the systemic incompetence in Richmond and disrupting the status quo.  Pete is a small business owner, an innovator, and a problem solver.  A true pioneer, Pete started his first company, New Media Strategies, the first social media marketing company in the country, when he was 26 years old. Over the years, as an angel capital investor and CEO of Disruptor Capital, Pete has helped found and grow many small businesses in Virginia and across the country.

When those in charge in Richmond failed to lead us during this pandemic, Pete and his wife Burson stepped up.  Together and with the help of friends and neighbors the Snyders created the Virginia 30 Day Fund, a zero-overhead, non-profit organization that has helped save more than 1,000 small businesses across Virginia and more than 2,500 small businesses across America. Their 30 Day Fund efforts have raised more than $40 million to date, and every single dime of that goes to help keep hard working heroes afloat and their small business dreams alive.  This is the very kind of  new leadership, new energy and innovative thinking Pete will bring to Richmond to restore common sense and get Virginia leading again.

Pete, who has been a World Championship level certified BBQ judge (which the Washington Post’s Politifact rated as “100% True”), is the proud owner of Pete’s Pig Rig, the most infamous BBQ smoker in the Commonwealth. Pete, his wife Burson, his six-year-old daughter Bee, and their puppies Willie and Waylon live in Charlottesville, Virginia.