Pete Snyder Announces Election Integrity Policy Plan: ‘Honest Vote’

Conservative outsider releases six-pillar, comprehensive policy plan to restore voter confidence in electoral process

Charlottesville, VA – Conservative outsider and Republican candidate for governor of Virginia Pete Snyder announced today his comprehensive election integrity plan, called “Honest Vote: Snyder’s Election Integrity Plan.”

The plan consists of six key pillars to restore accountability, transparency, and confidence in our elections and to make Virginia #1 in America for ballot integrity and election security. Read the full plan here.

Snyder said, “Having secure, legal, and trustworthy elections is something that we must demand in our Commonwealth. Unfortunately, for too many Virginians, whether they be Republicans, Democrats or Independents, trust in our election system has been severely strained and due to many last minute Covid-related changes to our voting systems. Government has failed to deliver on the transparency and accountability expected from voters. The pillars of my plan are the first steps to restoring voter confidence and protecting our democracy.”

The six pillars of Honest Vote:

  • Accountability: Guarantee access for all campaigns to the entire voting process and forbid unelected bureaucrats from making changes to voting laws.
  • Photo ID at the Polls: Verify all voters are indeed who they say they are, while assisting Virginians in acquiring proper identification.
  • Signature Match Absentee Ballots: Confirm votes cast using signature and witness requirements for absentee ballots.
  • Up-to-Date Voter Rolls: Restore and update the system to ensure that only eligible voters are registered, and there is standardized data sharing with localities to maintain the most up-to-date information.
  • Protect U.S. Citizenship: Assure only U.S. citizens can participate in our elections.
  • Establish Voter Fraud Reporting Portal and Hotline: Address election concerns with urgency by maintaining an online portal and hotline for reporting issues at the local and precinct level to help identify voter irregularities.

You can read more about the plan here.

Pete is thrilled to announce that his campaign co-chairs Ken Cuccinelli and Mark Obenshain will take oversight of his comprehensive, six-pillar policy plan.

“I have two of the most qualified individuals in the entire country to lead this important effort,” said Snyder. “My campaign and Virginia’s nearly 6 million voters are blessed to have fmr. Homeland Security Deputy Director and Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli and Senator Mark Obenshain on the case.”

“Voter integrity has always been a top priority for me and I’m excited to see Pete leading the effort to restore trust in our elections,” said Sen. Mark Obenshain. “I worked in the Virginia Senate to require photo ID to vote and eliminate split precinct voting. I am committed to continuing the fight to protect our elections here in Virginia.”

“Our republic as we know it depends on secure and reliable elections. We cannot protect the republic if we do not prioritize protecting and restoring voter integrity,” said Ken Cuccinelli. “Pete’s Honest Vote plan is essential to restoring confidence in our elections. Virginians are rightfully outraged by the failures of recent elections, and Pete’s plan will help restore trust in our democratic system.”