Pete Snyder Blasts Teachers Union and Democrat Cabal Keeping Schools Closed

Investigative Report Confirms Extensive Lobbying Effort from Unions

Charlottesville, VA – Conservative outsider and Republican candidate for Governor of Virginia Pete Snyder released the following statement responding to the new report revealing teachers unions’ vast lobbying campaign to keep Virginia schools closed.

“This report confirmed what we knew to be true: spineless career politicians are controlled by teacher unions,” said Pete Snyder. “Democrats and weak leaders are more concerned with lining their campaign coffers, and appeasing lobbyists and special interest groups, than doing the right thing. Democrats and their special interests backers are holding our children hostage. Enough is enough. We need new leadership in Richmond that puts our children, parents, and taxpayers first.”

The new National Review report details an extensive lobbying effort from special interest groups committed to keeping children out of schools.

National Review reports: “For months, Virginia teachers unions have peddled fear: Reopening public schools for in-person learning was and is too dangerous. They’ve advocated delaying reopening schools until all teachers – and possibly all students – received a COVID-19 vaccine. In January, a Republican-sponsored state Senate bill requiring school districts to offer parents both in-person and virtual options drew a dour response. Forcing schools to open, the unions said, was a ‘BAD idea.'”

Read the full report here.