Pete Snyder for Governor Launches New Advertisement: Illegal Immigration Comes at a Cost

Conservative outsider and candidate for governor of Virginia commits to stopping illegal immigration, making streets safe

Charlottesville, VA – Conservative outsider and Republican candidate for governor of Virginia Pete Snyder today launched his new advertisement, ‘Illegal Immigration comes at a cost.’

Pete Snyder said, “The left wants open borders, but closed schools. It is going to take real leadership to put a stop to illegal immigration and make our streets safe again. Illegal immigration is costing taxpayers billions of dollars and putting their safety at risk— that ends with me as Virginia’s governor.”

You can watch the new advertisement here.

Pete is committed to cracking down on illegal immigration. Pete knows that illegal immigration costs taxpayers billions of dollars, bring gangs and violence into our communities, and this is why it is so important to enforce Virginia’s immigration laws and deport violent criminals.

Pete’s policies on immigration include:

  • Upholding the rule of law, and enforcing the immigration laws that are on the books to keep Virginians safe and protect American workers
  • Opposing taxpayer dollars to paying for in-state tuition for illegal immigrants
  • Defunding sanctuary cities that refuse to take violent illegal immigrant criminals off our streets
  • Holding sanctuary city officials civilly liable for crimes committed by violent illegal immigrants they harbor
  • Requiring employers to use e-verify to protect American workers