Pete Snyder Launches Open Our Schools Pledge, Urges All Virginia Candidates To Join Him

Open Our Schools Pledge Sent to all Republican and Democrat Gubernatorial Candidates in Virginia 

Charlottesville, VA – Conservative outsider and Republican candidate for governor of Virginia Pete Snyder today launched and signed the Open our Schools pledge. The pledge will be sent to every candidate – Republican and Democrat – running for Governor.

The pledge is simple and read as follows:

I, _______, pledge to stand up to the teachers union and support opening our schools now, five days a week, with a teacher in every classroom.

“Nothing has united Republican, Democrat, and Independent families in Virginia more than the need for our children to be back in school,” said Pete Snyder. “Unfortunately, career politicians beholden to special interest and teachers unions have kept students out of the classroom. The pledge is simple: open our schools now! I hope all Republican and Democrat candidates running for office this year can join me by putting the interest of Virginia children, parents, and teachers ahead of special interests and the teachers union.”

Pete encourages all candidates to tweet out a picture of themselves with the signed pledge and #OpenOurSchools.