Small Business Outsider Pete Snyder Launches “Conservative Outlaw Tour”

Pete Snyder and an All-Star Cast of Virginia and National “Conservative Outlaws” Will Barnstorm the State in the Final Days of the GOP Campaign

Charlottesville, VA – Conservative outsider and Republican candidate for Governor of Virginia Pete Snyder today launched his “Conservative Outlaw Tour” for the final 12 days of the campaign. Starting Monday, the Tour will feature an All-Star cast of “Conservative Outlaw” special guests from across the country and the Commonwealth, homemade Virginia BBQ smoked on Pete’s very own infamous “Pig Rig,” and Pete’s Plan to take down Terry in November.

At every single “Conservative Outlaw Tour” stop, Pete and his special guests will detail what it takes to defeat Terry McAuliffe in November, open our schools now, save small businesses, and restore the God-given rights of Virginians. Snyder, a former Division I college wrestler at William & Mary, is also a world championship certified BBQ judge, a fact that was deemed “100% True” by the Washington Post.

“I’ve been active in our conservative movement for over twenty-five years,” said Pete Snyder. “And I know firsthand in order to change hearts and minds, sometimes the best path is through one’s stomach. The “Conservative Outlaw Tour” promises to be a bona fide 100% grassroots campaign blitz.”

Snyder continued: “Our campaign is uniting every single wing of our Republican Party. After 10 years of unrest, we have both Hatfields and McCoys working together to make sure that a true grassroots conservative is taking on Terry in November so we can win.”

Snyder goes on to say: “I can’t wait to get on that debate stage and go toe-to-toe with corrupt Terry McAuliffe. Newly minted ‘Woke Terry’ has turned his back on law enforcement and safety, is embracing higher taxes on Virginians, wants to dumb down Virginia’s public schools in favor of social engineering, and will turn our economy over to the Liberal unions. I’m the only conservative tough enough to take Terry down. Virginia is going to lead the nation again, and that comeback starts May 8th.

Please reach out to [email protected] if you would like to learn about events in your area.