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Support Pete at the Convention

Make it official: Pledge your support for Pete

So much is at stake for Virginia and our country. The eyes of the world are on Virginia in 2021, and our conservative movement and the Republican Party’s comeback begins in Virginia this November.

To shake up Richmond, we need to elect a conservative outsider prepared to disrupt the status quo. Unlike Terry McAuliffe and other career politicians in this race, Pete brings the perspective of a small business owner and a serial entrepreneur who has tackled significant challenges to advance small businesses, conservative candidates, and causes.

You know the challenges facing Virginia and our country. Like Pete, you know these challenges are some of the biggest we’ve ever faced as our future as a nation and our Commonwealth stand in the balance. But there is a movement gaining steam right now thanks to leaders like you ready to fight back. Our cause for freedom is at stake this election, and we are counting on you to join Pete in this fight to defend and restore the rights and liberties of all Virginians. We can’t fail.

Conservative leaders from across Virginia like Ken Cuccinelli, Mark Obenshain and Oliver North, and members of President Donald Trump’s Administration like Sarah Huckabee Sanders and his immigration team have endorsed Pete’s campaign for governor because they know he is the only candidate in this race who has the fight in them and the record of disrupting the status quo to beat the Democrats, the dishonest media and the career politicians. I hope you will join them.

We’re honored to have your support for Pete for Governor to get Virginia Leading Again!